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Target Platform:


.Net 4


Install Service

To install the service you will need the following files:

  • ErrorManager.Config.xml
  • ErrorManager.Server.exe
  • TCPMessageServer.dll
  • install.bat

On your server, copy files to a directory and run (as administrator) install.bat, which should install the service and make it visible in the services applet in control panel. 


Install Client

Copy the following files to a folder of your choosing:

  • ErrorManager.Console.exe
  • TCPMessageServer.dll

Run ErrorManager.Console.exe and connect to your server.


Redistribution of Client

You will need to reference the following DLL in your project:

  • ErrorManager.ErrorClient.dll

You will need to copy the following files with your application:

  • ErrorManager.ErrorClient.dll
  • TCPMessageServer.dll


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